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Redondo Peninsula Energy, Incorporated (RP Energy) was founded in 2007 and is based within the Subic Bay Freeport Zone. It is a joint-venture company formed by Meralco PowerGen Corporation, Therma Power, Incorporated and Taiwan Cogeneration International Corporation.

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RP Energy
Redondo Peninsula Energy Incorporated

Frequently Asked


  • What are CFB boilers?

    A CFB boiler is an environmental friendly boiler that utilizes state of the art technology for air quality control to comply with international environmental standards. It completely burns a wide variety of fuel at relatively lower temperatures to lower NOx emissions. It also introduces limestone during combustion to lower SOx emissions.

    This technology was chosen to allow for fuel flexibility. This means that coal may be sourced either domestically or internationally.

  • How will RP Energy address environmental concerns?

    RP Energy will comply with international environmental standards in terms of power plant design and operations.

    CFB boilers to be installed are already environmental friendly in terms of emissions. Adequate environmental controls such as Continuous Emission Monitoring System or CEMS will be installed to monitor and limit emissions from harming the environment.

  • Where will equipment be sourced?

    RP Energy’s ultimate concern is reliability of equipment and contractors as these lead to lower electricity costs in the long run. The Project will only utilize equipment with solid track records relevant to the Philippine power industry with relatively lower operations and maintenance costs. Contractors for the Project are top international power plant contractors with relevant track record in CFB technology.

    We are currently considering suppliers/contractors from Japan, US and Europe.

  • Are the sponsors looking into other power projects?

    The sponsors are open to explore other investment opportunities together.